Here are scraps from yet another version of Grimm. This is a glimpse of my personal development hellscape. I included part of the script if you wanted to know what’s going on.

This version was pretty interesting to me as I’d worked out this whole system of how a group of survivors would ride out the zombie apocalypse by hiding in the hills and using bicycles on excursions to gather supplies in the city. they’d have formations and tactics to avoid the zombies. They’d use firecrackers and road flares as distractions. I thought it was funny to see World War Z use a similar idea.

Anyway, in this version, Grimm’s status as “death incarnate” would’ve been left up in the air as he comes off as being really schizo. He talks to a crow that no one can hear but him. I experimented with brush pens and it was clear that I was nowhere near ready to try and handle a long form comic with them.

Here is the original version of my ill-fated “Grimm” comic. It’s been sitting in my photobucket account for about 6 years now. There would eventually be around half a dozen ill-fated versions that remain incomplete to this day.

Looking back on it, I really, really like this version. This is why you can’t think too hard about this kind of stuff and should just put it out there.